Personalized Group Messaging

Your Inner Circle

Managing Your Life

Categorize the family, the friends and the co-workers to segment your communication for all special occasions. This will help you reach each group with the right intonation so they will never suspect you are using a secret weapon!

A Group for This, A Group for That

Each part of your life will have specific pockets of communication that will come up in advance or on the fly. Whether it’s coordinating a dinner, throwing a party, facilitating ride share or finding a sitter in a pinch, we are here for you.

Out With The Old

Sometimes you meet new people you are excited to get to know better. On the other end, sometimes you don’t want to keep in touch anymore. We have made it very easy to add and remove contacts from group and Holiday messages so you are focusing your efforts on those you truly care about.

The Relationship Score

The more information you have on your contacts, the more powerful you will be. Knowing that, the more data you add, the closer to 100% your score will be. Keep adding data in and get all your valuable relationships as close to 100% as possible.

Custom Fields

Every business has unique sets of data on their customers. We put in generic custom fields so you could input your meaningful data into your customer records and use it to your advantage to make your business more efficient.

Personal and Business Information

Within each contact you will find places to add personal and/or business information to use on your group or individual messages. Not only is this designed to organize information and save time, it is built to put the information you have to good use to build the relationship into what you want it to be. Better relationships leads to better business.

Keeping Customers Happy; Increase Spending up to 140%

Studies show happy customers spend 140% more on your products than other customers. Provide that level of personalized and meaningful communication that makes your customers happy.

60 Times Faster Than You At Your Best

To go into your contacts, find a contact, write a personal message and send it takes a minute or more. We can send out a meaningful message per second on your behalf to save you the time and energy of doing it yourself. They say you can’t buy time…but you sure can buy efficiency!

Increase Referrals

Happy customers tell up to 9 people on average about their experiences. Referrals come from asking for help. Leverage the good relationship you have established and automate asking for referrals to keep the business rolling in!

Ten Ways Texting Base Creates Sales Opportunities

  • Recruit “Big-Time” Players

    Building a business means attracting top talent. Top recruits want to have the best tools available to help them close business. When you have a tool to follow up, never miss a special occasion and communicate with efficiency, it frees your staff up to do what they do best...present and close.

  • Happy Staff = Happy Boss

    Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success. It’s like the chicken and the egg - which comes first? Sales and marketing staff thrive in environments where they can close business and make money. By building relationships with key contacts, we can help your sales team succeed.

  • Get Your New Hires Producing Quicker

    Hiring new people can be costly and it often takes months for the new employee to start generating money. Now you can utilize their existing contacts immediately in a personalized way to reduce the ramp up period. Grow smarter...grow faster.

  • Turn “Old Leads” into “New Customers”

    All companies have dormant leads that haven't been contacted in way too long. Breathe new life into your old leads by scheduling holiday and/or birthday text messages. Don’t let old leads go to the data graveyard…bring them back to life easily and effectively.

  • There's No Business Like Repeat Business

    Let's face it, repeat business is THE best business. You don't need to sell them on your product, they know. You don't need to build rapport or haggle on pricing, they already know! Cultivating repeat business used to take time, patience, energy and effort...we made this a whole lot more efficient.

  • Referrals Are The Low Hanging Fruit

    Amazing things happen when you keep in touch with customers in a consistent and meaningful way. When every contact you ever come across knows your name from year-round messages, they will think about you when a friend is looking for your service. Keeping in touch leads to more referrals.

  • Be “On The Ball”

    If you are viewed as being “on the ball” that means you have earned the respect of your potential client. Be the company who always wishes their customers and prospects happy birthday. Be the group that always sends the holiday text messages. Be consistent. Be thoughtful. Be “on the ball.”

  • Add Efficiency To Your Organization

    Communication takes time and effort. Who has the time? Give your staff the ability to reach 60 meaningful contacts with meaningful messages per minute and watch the results. Usually it’s quality OR quantity…we think the real key is to provide both!

  • Turn Back The Clock

    Time is so incredibly valuable. If there were a way to save each employee a substantial amount of time each year, what would that number look like? You can't stop the clock, but when you can accomplish hours of meaningful communication in minutes it may feel like it. You can't buy time, or can you?

  • Think Efficient...Live Efficient

    Can your business be more efficient? Would saving time help you? Would better communication to potential or current customers be of value? There are unlimited uses for the ability to reach groups in personalized ways...think outside the box on how this power can make your life better. Live Efficient.

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Better Relationships = Better Business