Our Solution

The Most Personal SMS Software

No Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers with limited functionality. Why send a text that is obviously system generated? We’ve engineered intelligent software with more functionality than a short code so you can build relationships.

Personalized Messaging

Texting Base has the unique ability to reach large numbers of tenants or potential tenants in a personal way. Stop putting fliers on doors and start reaching people with personal texts. 64% of people want to text over calls or emails, give them what they want.

Scheduled Messaging

Communicate with your tenants when it works best for you. Often, the best times to reach out to people don’t align perfectly with your schedule. Simply schedule your text and forget it. We make it easy to work even when you’re not working!

Bi-Directional Chat

Most texting platforms and short codes do not allow you to “chat” back and forth. Contacts can’t ask questions like “can you meet at 4?” or “how do I buy?” Texting Base empowers you and your important contacts to text bi-directionally with ease.

Birthday Messages

The number one song of all-time is “Happy Birthday.” Everyone loves receiving birthday messages, even your renters and/or owners. Show them that you appreciate their business by simply reaching out on their special day. It’s often the simple things that reduce attrition.

Holiday Messages

Holidays are a tremendous opportunity to reach out to your tenants. The challenge is it used to take so much time to send Holiday messages, the Holiday itself would be over by the time you were done texting. We make it easy to build the relationships that lead to referrals and renewals!


Create any groups that can help organize your communication needs in seconds, from tenants to potential tenants. Each community will have unique group needs, so we have made it extremely easy to add and edit groups so you can make your life easier.

TCPA Centric

We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) compliance technology. Everything from smart “opt outs” to duplicate removal technology is covered with an eye on protection. We make it simple to effectively manage your compliance within the TCPA.

Ten Ways Texting Base Creates Sales Opportunities for Community Management

Build Your Community.

There are 3 main ways to help build a community: keep tenants renewing, get tenants to refer and bring in new tenants at a rate faster than tenants are leaving. Every one of these factors is impacted by communication. Personal communication is a whole lot more effective than mass messages!

Get That Flier Off My Door!

Residents don’t care how much paper you used or how much time it took to write and distribute the flier they found on their door. It will be read as quickly as humanly possible and trashed and the message is “they are in our business!” Create groups by building, neighborhood, street or anything- and communicate meaningful community issues in meaningful ways. Plus, this saves a whole lot of time, trash and paper!

Your Lease is Up!

Each Season brings new tenants coming and going. When a tenant signs a 1 year lease, schedule that renewal message for 10 months so you can know which units will be filled and which will need to be filled.

Do You Want the Good News?

Too many communities only communicate when it’s “bad news.” Try using communication for good…let them know when local businesses are throwing events. Let residents know when new business or features are added to the community. People like where they live a lot more when they hear “a new gym just opened and we have free food at Jack’s” as opposed to “if you park in front of the trashcans, you will be towed.”

Renewals Are a Property Manager’s Best Friend.

Repeat that? Yes, please! It’s a dream…no selling, haggling or educating- just send the lease and call it a day. Garnering repeat business used to take time, patience, energy and effort...we helped make this process a whole lot easier.

Your Own Little Clan.

The community comes together when they feel like they are a “part of something.” Crime drops, referrals surge and attrition can dwindle when you keep in touch with tenants in a consistent and meaningful way.

What’s Your Plan?

You are going to be on a plane an hour before tow trucks arrive to clear cars so you can pave a parking lot, what do you do? An armed felony just took place in building 2 and the suspect is loose, what is your plan? Emergencies happen, sometimes they are planned and sometimes they are not. Organize your communication and execute your plan…it’s bi-directional communication so you may even get some help from your tenants.

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

People respond much better to messages geared towards them and their interests. Our personalization feature allows you the opportunity to learn what your community members like and reach them in meaningful ways. Send meaningful messages to the meaningful people under your supervision, and see if it doesn’t yield meaningful results!

How Come You Didn’t Tell Me?

All neighborhoods have “things” that happen and most of the time, the tenants don’t know about it until they see it. This is the difference between a tenant being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes a block from their home because of a corporate 10K and complaining, or that same tenant being aware and cheering on the runners while having a great time. Communication is a beautiful thing.

A Minute Saved is a Minute Earned.

Whatever it is you need accomplished, good communication is most likely a part of it. The more people to communicate with, the more challenging it is to achieve the goal…or at least that’s how it used to be. Think about ways you need to communicate in your job, and put us to the test to help make you more efficient. Thinking efficiency leads to living efficient.