Our Solution

The Most Personal SMS Software

No Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers with limited functionality. Why send a text that is obviously system generated? We’ve engineered intelligent software with more functionality than a short code so you can build relationships.

Personalized Messaging

Texting Base has the unique ability to reach large numbers of people in a personal way. While text messaging has become the most powerful way to reach people (with over 98% of texts being read), we made it more powerful! Let us show you how.

Scheduled Messaging

The ability to select dates and times for personal and group communication allows you the flexibility to have all of your communication organized for months or years in advance. Don’t be a slave to your phone, change the dynamic and let Texting Base work for you!

Bi-Directional Chat

Most texting platforms and short codes do not allow you to “chat” back and forth. Contacts can’t ask questions like “can you meet at 4?” or “how do I buy?” Texting Base empowers you and your important contacts to text bi-directionally with ease.


Managing groups to best suit your needs is simple. Simply set up a group and select that group to write a message; We have made it extremely easy to add and edit groups so you can take full advantage of all the benefits personalized messaging has to offer!

TCPA Centric

We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) compliance technology. Everything from smart “opt outs” to duplicate removal technology is covered with an eye on protection. We make it simple to effectively manage your compliance within the TCPA.