Our Solution

HIPPA Compliant Personalized Texting Software

No Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers with limited functionality. Why send a text that is obviously system generated? We’ve engineered intelligent software with more functionality than a short code so you can build relationships.

Personalized Messaging

Trust is everything in the medical world, so we have a personalized text-messaging platform to help medical based businesses build that trust. Texting Base has the unique ability to reach large numbers of people in a personal way so your medical business can prosper.

Scheduled Messaging

The medical community tends to have hours the rest of the world does not have. Flexibility to have all of your communication organized for months or years in advance can be very helpful. It’s never been easier to let your communication work when it’s best for your clients, not for you.

Bi-Directional Chat

Most texting platforms and short codes do not allow you to “chat” back and forth. Contacts can’t ask questions like “can you meet at 4?” or “how do I buy?” Texting Base empowers you and your important contacts to text bi-directionally with ease.

Birthday Messages

Patients can be very loyal to their doctor. Automating birthday messages are a great way to build loyalty and trust over time. Simply write one message and pick a time. Never miss another opportunity to build loyalty and grow your family practice. It’s the little things.

Holiday Messages

Holidays present a tremendous opportunity to build relationships for medical facilities. Reach all your patients with personalized holiday text messages all year round to let them know you appreciate them. With Holidays covering all national and religious dates, we have you covered from January-December.


Personalized group text messaging is the magic that can save you time, build relationships and make you money. We have made it easy to add and edit groups so you can take full advantage of all the power personalized text messaging has to offer!

TCPA Centric

We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) compliance technology. Everything from smart “opt outs” to duplicate removal technology is covered with an eye on protection. We make it simple to effectively manage your compliance within the TCPA.

Ten Ways Texting Base Creates Sales Opportunities for Medicine

Recruit & Retain

Whether you are recruiting the top DME or pharmaceutical sales people, they all ask themselves one question: “how much money can I make here?” Give them a tool, which makes the answer to that question an obvious one.

Staffing Issues?

The nature of working in the medical community is your employees are exposed to sickness and will get sick. Nothing is easier to fix than having your staff broken out into groups to help personally reach everyone quickly in a pinch.

It’s Not a Restaurant, But You Still Have to Service.

Some medical facilities make this a priority, and some do not. Even the ones who do make service a priority can always get a little better. Schedule personalized follow up texts to thank the customers for their business.

Rekindle Your Relationships With Old Customers.

Reach out to customers you haven’t seen in years and send him/her a Holiday message. Let them know you care.

Take Your Medicine!

Too many treatments fail because patients do not follow instructions. Set up text reminders on when to take medications and watch the treatment quality improve magically!

Your Appointment is Not Here, Doctor.

Send reminder texts to your customers. Studies show this simple measure can reduce missed appointments up to 40%.

Be “My Doctor.”

Patients can be fiercely loyal to their doctors. That loyalty can be easily earned. Send your patients a holiday message and insert their significant others and children. Schedule birthday messages for your patients and their children. You will quickly become the medical facility of choice!

Keep ‘em Coming Back.

Too many patients never come back for the follow up appointment. Sometimes that “small issue” than becomes a “big issue”. Schedule the reminders to make sure they get the follow up treatment they need.

Buy Some Time.

It is true you cannot “buy time.” When you are able to make your communication efficiency improvements save time, it may feel like it!

You Know Better Than Anyone.

Whether you are in a sales focused medical profession or a medical clinic, the clients are the lifeblood of your business. Maybe you could use a “watch my child” text group? Maybe you need a way to communicate to all staff in a weather emergency? The ability to personalize group communication and insert personal details has infinite uses, let us help solve your time issues and make your business more efficient.