Our Solution

The Most Personal SMS Software

No Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers with limited functionality. Why send a text that is obviously system generated? We’ve engineered intelligent software with more functionality than a short code so you can build relationships.

Personalized Messaging

The more people you were trying to communicate with, the less personal the communication inherently is. Your members want personal attention but you’re understaffed, sound familiar? Reach ever contact personally in seconds and give your staff the tool to do it!

Scheduled Messaging

Better Communication in the association and Non-Profit world leads to more involvement, more membership and better events. Schedule your group text communication days, weeks, months or years in advance to suit your needs. We make it simple!

Bi-Directional Chat

Most texting platforms and short codes do not allow you to “chat” back and forth. Contacts can’t ask questions like “can you meet at 4?” or “how do I buy?” Texting Base empowers you and your important contacts to text bi-directionally with ease.

Birthday Messages

Not every message to a constituent has to be about donating or buying a membership. Texting Base can help with those messages as well, but how about a nice personalized birthday text message? Everyone loves receiving birthday messages!

Holiday Messages

Holidays present a tremendous opportunity to build relationships with your members. Reach all your members with unique personal messages on Holidays that matter. With Holidays covering all months of the calendar from all walks of life, we you covered.


The essence of the Non-Profit and Association world is that there are more people to communicate with than there are minutes in the day. Managing groups takes no time, and allows you to effectively reach limitless numbers of people!

TCPA Centric

We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) compliance technology. Everything from smart “opt outs” to duplicate removal technology is covered with an eye on protection. We make it simple to effectively manage your compliance within the TCPA.

Ten Ways Texting Base Creates Sales Opportunities for Non-Profit & Associations

Communication Overload!

Non-Profits and Associations do SO MUCH COMMUNICATING. Some have member companies, and their member companies have state and local chapters with more members. It’s easy to lose control. Now you can organize and communicate personally to them all, without the time.

Membership Attrition.

Members join non-profits and associations because they believe in the mission and they leave because they don’t feel like they are a part of anything. Get them more involved and keep them involved. Start communicating with personalized group text messages and stop attrition.

Make Your Conference a Winner.

Most non-profits and associations have an annual conference or convention for members. Reaching out to thousands of people with information is a challenge. Let us show you a better way to build your conference momentum!

Turn “Old Members” into “New Members.”

Go back through all those old friends and send them a nice birthday or Holiday message. Breathe life back into those relationships past and start working them back into your work.

Non-Dues Revenue.

Funding is so critical to the operation of associations and non-profits, a wise organization will find good programs that can benefit their members and generate non-dues revenue. We can do both. Contact us about how we can work together!

Impress Your Members.

In our system you can input items that are important to each member. You can also add in favorites, children names and other personal information that can be used in group messages to let your members know they are valued, and you care.

They Call Only When They Need Something…

Some members leave associations and non-profits because all they receive are solicitations for donations and products. Diversify your communication. Start gathering birth dates and send scheduled and personalized messages to all your members and supporters.

Member Loyalty.

Loyalty is earned over time. Build that trust and loyalty with consistent and meaningful communication about your organization and what it is accomplishing. Send meaningful communication to meaningful people, and watch the results.

Freeze the Clock!

You can’t stop the clock, but when you can accomplish hours of meaningful communication in minutes it may occasionally seem like it.

Think Big Picture.

There are many uses for reaching large groups with personalized messages in a scheduled manner. Do you need an emergency service system, ride share, or inclement weather communication system? Think outside the box on how this power can be harnessed to make your life better. Thinking efficiency leads to living efficient.