Our Solution

The Most Personal SMS Software

No Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers with limited functionality. Why send a text that is obviously system generated? We’ve engineered intelligent software with more functionality than a short code so you can build relationships.

Personalized Messaging

Promoters, DJs and Artists all become more profitable when they have larger amounts of followers. The sentence from friends of “I didn’t know” means lost money and opportunities. Personally invite everyone and ensure they don’t miss easy opportunities ever again.

Scheduled Messaging

The last thing you need to be doing is personally messaging hundreds of people right before your event. You need to be mentally sharp. Schedule your invites during sound check and let your fans know where to see you.

Bi-Directional Chat

Most texting platforms and short codes do not allow you to “chat” back and forth. Contacts can’t ask questions like “can you meet at 4?” or “how do I buy?” Texting Base empowers you and your important contacts to text bi-directionally with ease.

Birthday Messages

Happy birthday is the #1 all-time song. Not every message from a promoter or artist needs to be asking for support, sometimes building a fan base and following involves building a relationship. Get your friends and fans birthdays and schedule personal birthday messages.

Holiday Messages

The beauty of the Holidays is it’s a time to share and celebrate. What’s a better fit for a DJ, artist or promoter than keeping your name on their brain during the celebratory days all year round? Every artist strives to have fan loyalty. We make it easy to build.


Your contacts, like real groups/music will vary dramatically. Organize your groups and organize your communication appropriately to each group. Nothing means more to an artist than time, and our group functionality is designed to save a lot of time.

TCPA Centric

We are the industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) compliance technology. Everything from smart “opt outs” to duplicate removal technology is covered with an eye on protection. We make it simple to effectively manage your compliance within the TCPA.

Ten Ways Texting Base Creates Sales Opportunities for Promoters & Artists

“This One Goes To 11”- Spinal Tap

Artists and promoters need the power. The power comes from the data…start getting your fans information and connect with each one of them, the results will speak for themselves.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

The beauty of the system is it goes wellllll beyond just first name. Insert favorite drink, favorite DJ, favorite food, favorite, band and their city…when they get that message it will be all their favorite things.

“He Looked At Me!”

Make everyone feel special by personally communicating with each and every one of the people who support your career. Whether throwing parties or putting on a show, personally texting each person will do nothing but build your following.

Organize The Tour

Set up groups by city so you can pack every venue. Get the names, numbers and birthdays of each attendee and build that power. Each and every time you come as long as you perform, the show will keep getting bigger and bookings will flourish.

Be Loud

We aren’t talking jus the sound system. Let every single person know where and when you are performing or partying. Keep them in the loop the one place you can always get them, on their phones.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Building a database takes time and effort, contacting them takes very little time and even less effort. The quality of your party or set is worth spending most of your time. Building your database and loyalty is a close second.

How Much For a Ticket?

Run giveaways, specials and fun contests through your contacts to get your fans involved. Social Media can be a powerful tool, but only 12% of Facebook posts are read. 98% of texts are read…which one do you think makes more sense for your business?

Birthday Party, Anyone?

Never miss a birthday! It makes people feel special and if you’re a promoter, it’s an opportunity to entertain not just the birthday guy or girl, but all their friends. Don’t forget to get everyone’s cards and information, because those people have birthdays too!

Ahhhh, The Holidays

The Holidays mean parties. Parties mean promotions and live performances. Be in their phone all year long to wish them the best every chance you get…when it comes time to recommend a place to go with a group of people, they just may use their influence to come support you.

Schedule Event, Schedule Messages

Don’t let the marketing take your time and focus away. Schedule the messages to coincide with your best timing by group and by date…let the system do most of the work. When your special day comes spend your time with your guests, not typing on your phone. Live Efficient.