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Crypto key error

Crypto key error

No write access to APPPATH/config/crypt.php.

The FuelPHP crypto functions require a set of unique and truelly random crypto keys. These keys are automatically generated and written to the crypto configuration file the first time the application accesses a crypto function.

Please copy the following code into APPPATH/config/crypt.php manually:

 * Part of the Fuel framework.
 * @package     Fuel
 * @version     1.5
 * @author      Fuel Development Team
 * @license     MIT License
 * @copyright   2010 - 2013 Fuel Development Team
 * @link

return array (
	'crypto_key' => '5wsOO8TiIHTYbJkrEA3LAjdc',
	'crypto_iv' => '86Q8QQBwkAi46kQsXA9d8PcM',
	'crypto_hmac' => 'L8c7IwPmE7kQga06L0E043fg',