We asked our customer’s what they thought of Texting Base…

Texting base allows marketers to personalize their outreach and build stronger relationships with their customers. The interface is easy to use and allows you to store valuable customer level data to optimize your communications. It’s a great way to meet your customers where they are and reinforce the value of your brand and product or service!

Maggie Hatfield,
SVP of Marketing, Cricket Media

Finally a personal way to connect to unlimited people and actually get a response. Only software on the market that I know can achieve that!

Saied Alvarian,
Promoter OMNIA Nightclub and TAO, Las Vegas

Texting Base has done as advertised, it’s saved me time and helped me build my book of business I highly recommend it!

Ashley Thorne,
Beach Vodka

GCPPA used Texting Base for our Success Summit in which all participants were texted throughout the event telling them to move on to their next meeting.  The participants were impressed, the staff was relieved plus it takes the pressure off of staff. We did not have to move people along on our own Texting Base took care of that.

Kelly Wilson,
Gold Coast Promotional Products Association

We have started to have donations pouring in!  This is going to be well worth the time/effort/and cost, most definitely! Thank you so much for helping us work this out!!!

Ashley Edwards,
Development Director Petersen for President 2016

I wanted to let you know that I tried my batch of texts last night to a group of semi-aged leads and was blown away by how quickly I received positive responses. We may land $1.2 million dollar loan just from sending a text.

Mark Anderson, Vice President of Direct Lending Division,
Cornerstone Mortgage, Inc

I’m in. To say that Texting Base is very user friendly and has great customer service. I love Texting Base!

Heissam Jebailey,
I’m In Events & Jebden Management

My job just got a little easier! Texting Base saves me so much time,I call it my secret weapon.

Shaun Rourke,
America Homes, LLC Realtor (Top 5 in Florida)

I just wanted tell you how thankful I am for Texting Base. I knew that once I appeared on The Today Show last week that I would be slammed all day trying to get votes so I wouldn’t have time to personally text everyone in my contacts list. Texting Base made it so simple! By setting up the text ahead of time and scheduling a time for them to go out I was able to reach everyone on my contacts list, not once, not twice but 3 times that day to make sure they voted. I KNOW it definitely contributed to my win!

Krista Woods, Owner,

Ready to get started?

How it Works

  • 1Create Groups
  • 2Personalize Text
  • 3Schedule Text
  • 4Sell Business

Zack, The Realtor knows each one of his leads, the neighborhood and type of home they are looking for.

Zack uses Texting Base to create a group called “Leads”.

Group: LEADS

  • Name: Steve
  • House Type: 3 Bed/2 Bath
  • Neighborhood: English Estates

Group: LEADS

  • Name: Jason
  • House Type: 4 Bed/3 Bath
  • Neighborhood: Cypress Hills

Group: LEADS

  • Name: Eric
  • House Type: 1 Bed/2 Bath
  • Neighborhood: East Village

Received 12:30 PM

Hey Steve! Just wanted let you know I found a 3 Bed/2 Bath in English Estates. I wondered if you wanted to look at sometime this week?

Received 12:30 PM

Hey Jason! Just wanted let you know I found a 4 Bed/3 Bath in Cypress Hills. I wondered if you wanted to look at sometime this week?

Received 12:30 PM

Hey Eric! Just wanted let you know I found a 1 Bed/2 Bath in East Village. I wondered if you wanted to look at sometime this week?