With our Automated Texting Service, you can effortlessly connect with your customers at every stage of their journey. Not only does this save you valuable time, but it also elevates the customer experience.

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What are automated text messages?

Automated text messages are pre-written messages that you can schedule to be automatically sent to a recipient at a specific date and time of your choice. 

Text message automation is becoming a popular choice for business needing to scale their SMS outreach. It allows you to always be available for your clients and prompt with your replies. You can automate promotional campaigns, reminders, greetings and wishes, customer care replies and much more. 


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Types of automated text messages

Learn about the several types of automated text messages used for business.


Auto reply texts

The simplest and most common form of text message automation are auto replies. When someone texts a unique keyword to your business’s phone number, they instantly get a text message back. With Texting Base you can customize your auto replies and edit them as needed. 


Scheduled text messages

With Texting Base there is no limit to how many people you can get to subscribe to your messages. Without any cap, you can create a subscriber list of however many customers or prospects you want and can keep building your audience. We would never put a limit to the number of people your business can reach. 


Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are a great way to etch your presence in the minds of your prospects and never be forgotten by your customers. It is a series of SMS campaigns that you can automate to run periodically, one after the other, and build momentum with your audience. 


Abandoned cart reminders

Automated text messages serve as a powerful tool for tackling abandoned carts in eCommerce texting. Text automation makes it easier for brands to reach out to customers who have left items in their cart without completing a purchase, leading to higher conversion rates and a better customer experience.


Mass group texting

In just a click, you can automate group text messages that can be sent to your subscriber list. Without any hassle you can reach out to a huge audience. Texting Base’s user-friendly dashboard provides you with the ability to interact easily with all your prospects and customers. 


SMS surveys

Automated text messages are an invaluable asset for conducting SMS surveys. By automating the survey process, you can effortlessly collect valuable feedback from your customers at key touchpoints in their journey.

Benefits of using automated sms

There are various benefits of automated text messaging that not everyone is aware of. Easier and simpler than the primitive method of manually texting people. 

Save time. Save Money.
Provide better and prompt customer experience.
With an 98% open rate, text messages are a definitive way of reaching your audience.
Relieve employees from the tedious task of sending messages manually.
Add a personal touch to customer interaction via text messages.
In just a few clicks, run or replicate campaigns for different audiences.
Automate text messaging and keep track of your marketing activities.
Beautiful SMS campaigns are bound to get people to opt-in for your messages.
Get instant replies from people as most texts are read within the first 15 minutes.
Reach customers anytime and anywhere.

Why choose Texting  Base as your automated texting service

Texting Base harnesses a wide range of automated SMS services to get your business to reach its audience efficiently and conveniently. 


Free trial

Texting Base offers a 14-day trial period to get businesses to understand the platform’s capabilities.


Long text format

With Texting Base you can send long text messages of up to 300 characters.


Media inclusion

You can send images, videos or PDFs of 1,500 characters and make your message exciting.


Link shrinking

When sharing links via text, we make sure to maximize character use by link shrinking.


Free incoming messages

On Texting Base, you only pay to send messages. Incoming messages are free for all.


Computer and phone compatibility 

You can easily use the Texting Base platform and access your dashboard on your computer or phone.


Data security 

Your data and your client’s information is our responsibility and is hence secured with the latest security protocols.


Group texting ability

With Texting Base you have the ease of shooting messages to unlimited subscribers. 


Multiple user support

Your Texting Base dashboard can be accessed by as many users as your business pleases. Without additional cost, the dashboard can be shared by however many users one authorizes. We do not want to put any limit on the number of people that can make the best use of the platform for the success of your business. 


Unlimited subscribers

With Texting Base there is no limit to how many people you can get to subscribe to your messages. Without any cap, you can create a subscriber list of however many customers or prospects you want and can keep building your audience. We would never put a limit to the number of people your business can reach. 

How to automated text messages

With Texting Base, automating messages for your customers and prospects is extremely easy. Follow these steps to start successfully automating your SMS campaigns.

Sign Up for our text automation software

There are umpteen texting services out there that you can choose from, but Texting Base is geared to help you reach the masses and stay available for your customers. Signing up and setting up your account with us is easy and within everyone's budget. 

Upload your contacts

Once you have made your Texting Base account, you have to begin with uploading your contacts. You can do this by simply uploading or dragging and dropping your contact’s information in the platform's database

Create segmented groups

To ease the management of your text messages, segregate your audience into different groups. They can be categorized into leads, staff or customers which can again be segmented in different groups based on geography, age or such criteria that are important for you. 

Create your keywords

Decide which keywords you want to use in your SMS marketing campaigns. Text keywords are terms that customers send to your short code number to opt-in for receiving messages. Texting Base makes it easy to set up your keyword campaigns while remaining aligned with SMS regulations.

Invite new contacts to subscribe

Offer new users incentives to subscribe to your SMS campaigns so you can utilize these contacts for your automated texting efforts.

Draft your message templates and schedule to send

Once you have set up your audience, create your message template using text, media or both. Try and make the messages personalized so you can build a stronger relationship with your subscribers. After that, you are ready to schedule and send your automated text messages.

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Text automation is convenient and assures that you are able to provide your clients with the best customer service possible. By personalizing these automated messages you can make messages more conversational for your recipients.

Without any set up cost and excessive authorization, Texting Base allows you to set up your text messaging account with ease. To gauge the effectiveness and convenience of our platform, you can first sign up for our 14-day trial period. You are not bound to stay after the end of your trial period, but we for sure would love to get you on board and aid the growth of your business through texting communications. 

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