Radio station text messaging isn't difficult if you know the right things to say. Texting Base is the tool you need to market your radio station professionally via SMS.

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Why use Texting for Radio Stations?

Radio Stations are a great way to interact with the mass public by sending a Text Radio or radio message for marketing your services. You can showcase the unique RJ style, theme, and features of your radio shows to attract more listeners to your radio station. It is all about how you want people to perceive your show. 

Texting Base can help you send a radio message and give tips on how to increase listenership with are ready to send template messages.


Some useful statistics about SMS and the Radio industry

  • Radio broadcasting station has a market size of $22.4bn in 2021.

  • There are 84,217 Radio Broadcasting Employees in the US in 2021.

  • The Radio Broadcasting Wages in the US in 2021 is over $5.7bn.

  • 50% of U.S. adults claim they got news through radio messages.

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Benefits of Radio Station Text marketing

Using automated messaging for text radio or a radio message is the fastest way to market the message radio station you run/work in. These messages allow you to reach out to a diversified group of people without missing out on anything. This makes the radio message SMS marketing method the best.

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  • Our SMS services allow you to drop concise and appealing radio messages for them or text radio stations to collaborate with you.

  • Communicate with your listeners on a whole new level with our comprehensive SMS services.

  • Add new promotions and offer to the messages and invite guests and listeners over through radio message to your podcast or show.

  • Discuss how to increase radio listenership for listeners who hope to become RJs someday.

  • Reward your loyal listeners with song dedications, features, or exclusive calls after sending an advance SMS.

  • Request your listeners to drop their feedbacks on the message radio station directly.

  • Inform your listeners about radio message timing changes or frequency changes promptly.

  • Feature promotional messages, guest show-ups, and product marketing for more listeners and revenue.

  • All older listeners should have a priority list on your Texting Base account contact list.

Different uses of sending Radio Station SMS

Ask listeners to Sign up on your the message radio station site

Send adverts with the message radio station 

Send welcome texts to new listeners

Send MMS Reports and updates for salon timing changes right away

Send emergency Alerts to listeners for cancellations or out-of-stock status

Send reminders about the upcoming events

Add relocation information

Send info of sports events

(855) 397 6679
Welcome to ABC Radio Station,

Make sure you subscribe and sign up on our radio station today.

(855) 397 6679
Hi Kevin!

ABC Radio Station proudly introduces its new horror podcast starting tonight at midnight. Tune in for your show at XYZ frequency.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Teresa!

Welcome to ABC Radio Station, please tune in to the show during weekdays and listen to your favorite songs, and make requests on our channel.

(855) 397 6679
Dear Listeners,

This is to inform you that ABC Radio Station will now air on Mondays and Fridays only during the same timing.

(855) 397 6679

ABC Radio station is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. Please stay connected, we will be back shortly.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Alden.

World Health Day is here! What are you doing to make yourself healthier today? Talk to us about it by calling our radio station today!

(855) 397 6679
Hi Jane,

Your favorite ABC Radio Station will now be operating straight from New York, ensure tuning into our rebranded radio station for your favorite RJs and shows.

(855) 397 6679
Hello, Alexis!

ABC Radio Station wants to take the opportunity to remind you that the U.S. will be facing Spain in today’s La Liga. Let us know who you think will win by calling ABC Radio Station at (contact number)

What to include in Your Radio Station Texts

Writing SMS for message radio stations requires understanding that there is a variety of listeners that you will be focusing on. So, ensure that you write text in your SMS that connects with almost anyone. Try to bring people to common grounds and then market your message radio station.

Make sure that you mention your radio show schedule, program info, and specific RJs and guest in these texts. This will help listeners stay curious about what your radio station has to offer.


How You Can Start Sending SMS For Your Radio Station With Texting Base

Sending SMS from the message radio station through the MMS campaign requires adding the right radio message photographs and info with it. Texting Base can help you achieve this.


Sign up with Texting Base

Texting Base offers a 14-day free trial period for its customers, which can change according to their radio station requirements afterward.


Add your contact list online

Ensure adding your loyal listeners and daily callers to the contact list on Texting Base’s account to know whose calling.


Select creative templates

The industry is competitive and you need to work on your marketing campaign to stand out. Choosing the right SMS template style will set you apart. Select the most creative templates and communicate with listeners.


Identify keyword for your campaign

You can also add a few radio text keywords to your marketing SMS to set your messages apart from the rest of our client list.


Go through your final message

Recheck the message radio station SMS before sending the SMS messages that you want listeners to receive and Texting Base will share them.


Send the message radio station SMS for listeners today

Texting Base helps with sending the message radio station and offers helps on how to increase listenership for your channel with our SMS service.

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Radio Station Text Message Templates


Specific Laws and Regulations Govern Your Radio Station SMS Campaign

Marketing the message radio station needs a proper marketing guide on how to increase listenership within legal bounds. These guides keep changing over time; ensure checking them from time to time.

More about SMS marketing

Things you should include in your SMS radio station marketing for compliance 

  • Always provide your listeners the option of unsubscribing.

  • Always connect to your listeners with the correct opt-in method.

  • Add relevant information about your Radio station when it comes to a radio text.

  • Never send unsolicited info and alerts to your radio station to listeners.

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