Use the power of SMS School marketing campaigns. It's a highly effective and reliable tool to keep students, parents, and faculty engaged and updated.

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Why use text for SMS school marketing?

Schools face various challenges, from engaging existing students to attracting new ones, communicating with families, to keeping staff informed. Therefore, developing steady communication with your community and faculty now is more important than ever.

You need to place important information and updates in front of the students, parents, and faculty members, and mass text messaging for schools is the best way to do it. Using Texting Base, you can send automated SMS school and upgrade your communication method with students, administration, admission staff, teachers, and parents. 

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Some useful statistics about SMS school marketing

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SMS message for school benefits

There are many benefits of mass text messaging for schools that can significantly influence their efficient working and success. You can easily send mass informative school text messages to hundreds and thousands of people with Texting Base. 

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  • SMS messaging provides a fast and easy way to communicate with parents about their progress

  • Send high school graduation messages

  • Send welcome message for school students

  • Send welcome back message from teacher

  • Send important notices via text SMS directly to the mobile phones of parents and staff members

  • Send fundraising requests to the community members via text SMS

  • Send middle school graduation messages

  • Use text messaging to improve parent-teacher and teacher-student communication 

  • Send messages to even remote areas where internet access is low or negligible to engage underprivileged communities

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Different uses of sending SMS school

Send sign-up text alerts to parents 

Send parent-teacher meeting notice to the parents 

Send first day of school message

Send reports regarding your child’s progress to parents

Send emergency alerts to the parents, students, and guardians 

Send reminders about the upcoming events

Send notifications regarding the result 

Send SMS for coordination of sports teams 

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Trevor,

Thank you for signing up for 5th-grade parent text message alerts! If you want to opt-out, reply with 'un-sub.'

(855) 397 6679
Happy Friday, Olivia!

Parent-teacher conferences are starting from Wednesday. Reply with 'Y' if you need a reminder of your scheduled time slot. Text STOP to end

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Teresa!

Hi! We welcome all students on their first day at Free Spirit High School! We hope that you’ll have a fruitful time at our school.

(855) 397 6679
Dear parent,

Your child (name) has 2 detentions this month. Kindly meet the Principal this week to discuss. Reply YES to fix the meeting date & time.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Ava!

ALERT: Due to smoke haze today, the air quality and visibility are poor. Therefore, the school (name) will remain CLOSED and commence tomorrow. Reply HELP for assistance.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Alden.

It's Homecoming Weekend! The dance will start tomorrow at 6 pm Saturday. Kindly ensure to bring your student ID; otherwise, you'll not be allowed to attend. 

(855) 397 6679
Good morning, David!

Teachers will be giving out report cards in the last period today. So please ensure to have it and return by Monday. 

(855) 397 6679
Hello, Alexis!

Attention American Eagles: Your sports teacher has moved your scheduled match to field B2. Don’t forget to report!

What do you need to include in your SMS message for school?

You need to be careful while creating SMS for school marketing campaigns. You should make your message relevant, concise, and simple for your audience to understand. Here are some things that you should include while sending message for school:

Give accurate and helpful information to your target audience about the school, events, admissions, student performance, etc. Don't forget to include the school name, ward grade, timings, and other important information that you want to convey. Give a call-to-action in the end with an option to opt-out. 


How you can start sending mass text messaging for schools with Texting Base

Creating a school SMS campaign and sending text messages is super easy and quick with Texting Base. You need to follow these simple steps, and you're all set for an effective SMS campaign


Sign up with Texting Base

We provide a 14-day free trial. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase a package that meets your specifications. 


Upload your existing contacts list

After you have selected the plan, you can upload your existing contacts list in Texting Base and start an impactful SMS marketing campaign.


Create different templates

Create a range of text message templates to send quick messages to the target audience whenever you want. 


Integrate the keyword

The keyword is the word your prospects use to opt-in for your text marketing list. You need to integrate it into your SMS messages to take a compelling start. The trick is to use an attractive yet short keyword that people can remember easily. 


Give your message a final shape

Create a final message you want to send to your audience. Review it to prevent any errors. After you've created your statement, you're all set to send your school SMS messages. 


Send school text messages

Finally, use our service to automate your text message and send it to hundreds, even thousands of people. 

Helpful resources for SMS school marketing campaigns 

SMS message school templates 


Specific laws and regulations govern your SMS school campaign

While creating and sending school SMS, you should follow certain laws and regulations. As these laws evolve, you need to stay updated with them to prevent a violation. Texting Base uses the latest AI-driven compliance technology that ensures your messages stay compliant and never labeled spam. 

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Things you should include in your school text marketing for compliance 

  • Should give an option of opt-out

  • Use a legal opt-in method

  • You should share relevant content

  • Shouldn’t send unsolicited messages 

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