Use text message marketing to develop an impactful marketing strategy for your car dealership. Here's how your dealership can gain a competitive edge with Texting Base.

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car dealership text messaging solutions

The auto dealership marketing world is like a revolving door that converts new customers into loyal clients and attracts new leads. Customers are walking marketing opportunities that you can harness using simple auto dealership text messaging services. 

Text SMS for car sales provides you with a customer-preferred and time-saving technique that makes your business potential customers’ dealership choice. Texting Base gives you the perfect solution for car dealership marketing and scale the growth of your business. Use text marketing to:

-Generate leads for you sales team
-Automate marketing messages
-Schedule follow up texts
-Send confirmation texts to potential buyers


Some numbers about car dealership
text marketing

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Benefits of
texting for dealerships

There are numerous benefits of text message marketing that you can harness for your dealership by using Texting Base. But the biggest advantage is an increase in conversions and sales. 

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  • Create mass SMS texting campaigns to target your list of prospective customers.

  • Send all the necessary information about your dealership, upcoming promotions, and more, directly to your customers.

  • Give text offers to encourage auto sales.

  • Improve your customer service by easily sending service reminders, requesting feedback, etc.

  • Communicate time-sensitive information instantly to your customers and prospects.

Auto dealership SMS marketing ideas

Take confirmations for opt-ins from your potential customers 

Send SMS auto for appointment confirmations 

Give replies to requests for car information 

Send car text regarding the upcoming or running deals and promotions

Send SMS related to the car insurance your customers can take

Use Text SMS to send car maintenance tips to your clients

Send auto-responder messages sharing car details

Drive revenue by sending announcements of new models 

(855) 397 6679

Adam here from Sam’s Motors! Thanks for subscribing to our mobile newsletter.

What auto brands are you interested in?

(855) 397 6679
Hey Brandy,

Do you have 30 minutes on 30th November at 4 pm to check out some of our cars?

Our address is [address]. Reply with YES to confirm.

(855) 397 6679
Hey, Daniel

from CarMax here! Happy to hear you’re interested in our 2019 Sedan.

Check out the full specs and price here. Need more help? Reply to this text with your questions, and we’ll get back to you!

(855) 397 6679
Hey Niel!

Are you still looking to buy a Toyota?

We have great discounts for subscribers. Get $5,000 off by showing this text to your auto dealer. 

(855) 397 6679
Hi Tom!

We work with [insurance company]. You can save up to 70% on insurance when you buy from us.

We have one of the highest settlement ratios. Get in touch now!

(855) 397 6679
Hello Andie,

I hope you are enjoying your new Honda 2020. Check out our car maintenance guides to keep your car in tip-top condition!

(855) 397 6679
Hi Anna!

I hope you are good! I have perfect vehicle options that fit your feature requests and budget.

We are also offering a 15% discount if you pay us in full within the next 72 hours. Cheers!

(855) 397 6679
Hello Dane!

We have new models of SUVs available now.

Would you like to pay us a visit and check out their fantastic features?

What can you include in your car dealership
Text message?

Creating automotive marketing messages is an art that combines creativity and marketing techniques. You should make your message compelling and unique to drive engagement leading to sales. Here are the things you should include in your auto dealership SMS messages that you send to your clients and prospects:

Provide detailed information about your dealership and the offer you are giving, helping them decide whether they want to visit you or not. Include your address, contact information, car model and features (if any), special promotions, prices, models, etc. Add a call-to-action in the end, prompting the reader to send you an email, text message, or call you back.


how to get started with Texting Base's dealership texting software

Texting Base has made the entire process of setting up your car SMS text marketing campaign and sending messages quick and simple. Follow these steps to start your auto dealership SMS campaign:


Sign up with Texting Base

We provide 14 days free trial. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase a package that meets your specifications.


Upload your existing contact List

After you have selected the plan, you can upload your existing contacts list in Texting Base to execute an impactful SMS marketing campaign. 


Create different templates

Use your creativity to create different text message templates, which you can quickly use to fill out the information and send it to your prospects. 


Integrate the keyword

The keyword is that word your prospects use to opt-in for your text marketing list. You need to integrate it into your SMS messages to take a compelling start. The trick is to use an attractive yet short keyword that people can remember easily.


Give your message a final shape

Create a final message you want to send to your prospects. Review it to prevent any errors. After you’re done creating your message, you’re all set to send your SMS text messages. 


Send text messages for you dealership

Finally, use our service to automate your SMS text message and send it to hundreds, even thousands of targeted prospects. 

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Car sales text messages templates 


Understand car dealership text messaging laws

When you send mass auto dealership messages for the auto industry or any other, you must follow certain regulations and laws. As these rules evolve, you need to stay updated with them to prevent a violation. Texting Base uses the latest AI-driven compliance technology that ensures your messages stay compliant and never labeled spam. 

More about SMS marketing

Things you should include for compliance

  • Provide clear instructions regarding opt-out

  • Provide details of how often the clients will receive your messages

  • Clearly state that you won’t be sending irrelevant or wrong information

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