What is a sports team text communication app?

Send SMS sports related messages directly to team members with the help of texting services. From a thank you message to coach to good luck messages for sports competition, send SMS team messages directly, allowing you to make more personal connections. 

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Why Use Sports
team SMS?

Make sure your team sees your game day text ASAP, rather than wondering if they caught the lengthy email. Teams SMS allows for more personalized approaches, perfect for sports communication.
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Statistics of Sports Team Text Messaging

  • 40% of your team members prefer texting communication over the phone.

  • Team management using texting services achieve a 45% response rate.

  • 49% of team members are looking for an instant response, which is easily accomplished via SMS.

  • 62% of team members would rather get a text to communicate.

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Benefits of text messaging for sports communication

There are countless benefits of text messaging through a team management app. Above all, the power of a texting service for teams SMS will boost your overall morale.

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  • Set an automatic good luck messages for sports competition.

  • Game day text messaging provides a more personal touch to your sports communication.

  • Send a customized thank you message to coach.

  • Launch a team management app via SMS.

  • Rest assured that 82% of text messages are read within five minutes.

  • Text easy to follow teams SMS.

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Sports Team Text
message example

Send a thank you message to coach

Ask if team members have any feedback

Let team members know what’s in store for next practice

(855) 397 6679
Thank you for the season, Cliff!

We know you’ve put in a lot of hours this season and it’s clearly paid off!

(855) 397 6679
Good morning, Ashley!

Did you have any feedback about yesterday’s practice?

We want to make sure you are not only enjoying practices but have an understanding of why we run the drills we do. Did you have any questions or feedback at all?

Please respond Yes [Y] or No [N]

(855) 397 6679
Hello, Burt!

Next practice, we’re going to start with a quick timed one mile run.

Following our run we will do some drills where we will split offense and defense.

We’ll wrap up the day with a quick scrimmage.

How to Write Effective Sports & Teams Communication
Through SMS

When it comes to SMS sports communication, you want to be sure to always include relevant information and be personable with your texting services. These connections will help you develop your team and help your team to find ways to reach out to coaches directly.

Some team members or coaches may still prefer to receive donation information via email, so you can effectively use teams SMS to build your email marketing campaigns for sports communication. You can also send great picture messages for your teams via MMS messaging.

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Writing the Perfect Sports Team SMS Template

It’s easy to get started with a donation texting program. Here’s how:


Pick a texting platform or team communication app

Don’t be surprised if you find that your email marketing efforts get lost in the shuffle. The average person receives 121 emails per day and far fewer texts. In addition to less texts being received, 82% of text messages are read within five minutes, making texting much more effective.


Upload your current contacts to your platform

It’s time to upload the current contacts you have from your existing mailing list once you have chosen a platform. Begin sending out your targeted messages right away as you start entering them in.


Create a game day text template

Game day text templates are helpful because you can edit them as you need. This specific texting service will act as generic good luck messages for sports competitions. You can also set up a template for a thank you MMS message to the coach following game days.


Determine a campaign keyword

Campaign keywords will help your team members and coaches to quickly and easily opt-in to your teams SMS list by simply sending a text. It’s important to choose a campaign keyword that is short and sweet and not easily forgotten.


Inform people about your keyword

The keyword will only go so far. You need to spread the word about your keyword in order to get your SMS sports message up and running.


Start sending out your text messages

Start your sports communication SMS text messaging right away as you begin building your texting list.

Helpful resources for SMS team services:

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Create a SMS sports text template


Benefits of text messaging service for team communication

There are countless benefits of text messaging services and MMS messaging for sports communication. When utilizing these services, always remember to abide by texting laws. Only message people who have provided their consent for your text messaging services. Otherwise, you may be faced with legal issues.

More about SMS marketing

Here is what you need to include in SMS team text information while staying compliant:

  • Explain how often they will receive messages

  • Make sure team members know it is a secure text

  • State that you'll never send non-sports communication information

  • Provide them with clear instructions on how to opt-out at any time

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