SMS messaging for travel agencies is a quick way to support leads through their booking, ensure they have a safe flight and journey and also provide support through their entire travel. From their booking and journey to the entire travel experience stay connected to them to provide excellent service and send timely updates.

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Why use SMS for travel agency messaging?

Travel culture around the world has completely changed. People travel for work, vacation or even a weekend getaway and the quickest way for them to plan a trip is to contact travel agencies. To stay ahead of the game, travel agencies have to opt for the best marketing techniques. 

SMS Messages is the best way to consistently stay in touch with leads, loyal customers or travellers gone on their journey with your assistance. You can help leads book their travel, confirm the same and provide additional travel assistance using either texts or MMS messages.

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SMS messaging for travel agencies: by the numbers

  • 68% of people between ages 18 to 24 use text messages to communicate their travel plans.

  • 48% people plan or initiate travel plans using texts.

  • 98% of all text messages are open and read.

  • Efficient use of technology influences booking decisions of 70% of travelers.

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Benefits of text messaging for travel agency

SMS or MMS messages to your leads or clients is the best way to provide booking and travel assistance or confirmations of the same. Texts are the most opted option for travelers across the globe. 

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  • Using text messages to help travelers with their bookings makes for seamless communication.

  • Provide booking confirmation and information via SMS or MMS Messages.

  • Market your travel agency to prospective travelers. Use promotions and offers to increase sales.

  • Send real time updates and reminders to travelers about their upcoming travel and ensure they have a safe flight.

  • Automate SMS messages and notifications to streamline operations.

  • Be available to provide support to travelers whenever they need it.

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Uses for sending text messages for travel agencies

Send booking confirmation notifications to travellers using text messages.

Send reminders and timely updates to clients about their upcoming travel.

Get your customer’s feedback to improve your service. 

Provide promotions and offers to prospective guests and increase sales.

Be accessible to clients for their inquiries.

Give clients an option to opt out of getting messages from you.

Market your travel agency via MMS messages of promotional codes and offers for loyal or new customers.

Give clients support with their bookings.

(855) 397 6679
Good Morning Samantha,

Thank you for booking your travel with Fly Right Travels. Here is your ticket and confirmation of your trip to Spain from July 10th to 15th.

View your itinerary on the following link [Insert Link]

(855) 397 6679
Hello Ron,

Your flight for 3 to New Delhi, India, departs in 3 days from LAX Terminal 1. Don’t forget to check-in and carry the necessary documents. Have a safe flight. Reach out to us anytime for any assistance.

(855) 397 6679
Hi Gary,

Hope you had a beautiful trip and a wonderful experience with our Agency. Please take out 5 minutes to fill in the following form [Insert Link] and help us serve you better next time.

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(855) 397 6679
Hello Peter,

We have a 24-hour flash sale at Vacant Vacays! Flights to Thailand are available for just $100 dollars. Book your flight now! [Insert Link].

(855) 397 6679
Hey Timothy,

As requested, here are a couple of tourist spots in Italy that we think you’d love to visit.

Click on the following link to view the same [Insert Link].

(855) 397 6679
Hi Neil,

Based on your recent searches here are a couple more destinations that we’d think you’d love.

Click on the following link [Insert Link] to view your options and book your tickets at the lowest prices.

(855) 397 6679
Good Evening Avery,

For being one of our most valuable guests, we are giving you and your dependents 30% off on your next trip abroad.

View your options here [Insert Links] and book your tickets now!

(855) 397 6679
Hello Juan,

We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel your booking. Your payment will be refunded to your account in the next 2 working days. Hope we get a chance to assist you with your travel again.

What to include in your travel agency text messages

When messaging prospective clients or old ones about your travel agency and the trips you are offering it is important to always give them an option to opt out anytime and never flood them with SMS messages. Focus on providing them with only important and relevant information.

If you’re giving them their booking confirmation, updating them about their upcoming trip or assisting them with the same, it is best to find balance between being formal and being personal and informative yet concise.

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How to start sending text messages about travel agency.

To make the best of the the Texting Base SMS marketing tool you first have to follow these simple steps to get started:


Sign up for Texting Base

Sign up for Texting Base for free for 14 days. After that, you can choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Migrate your current contact list

Don’t lose the progress you have already made. Texting Base makes it simple to upload your existing contact list so you can keep building your text marketing strategy without having to start from scratch.


Build your travel agency text message scripts

Save time in the future by spending some time working on your real estate text templates now. You can always customize any text you send, but having templates for common interactions saves you hours of work every week.


Choose your campaign keyword

Your campaign keyword is the phrase or single word that your prospects can use to opt into your contact list via text message. For your college, this word could be the name of your business or even something catchy, such as “HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT.”


Get the word out

Once you have chosen your campaign keyword, it’s time to let prospects know they can opt into your SMS contact list and get new listings and other helpful information. You can get the word out by sending out a mass email, adding the campaign keyword to your website, posting the keyword on your social media platforms and simply telling everyone you meet.


Start sending real estate text messages

As your contact list grows, the only thing you have left to do is to start sending out real estate texts that get results. Texting Base makes that part easy. Automate replies, texts about listings and more with our real estate text platform.

Helpful resources for travel agency text message :

SMS Marketing Guide
Always know the laws of SMS marketing 
Use creative SMS campaigns to inspire others
Leverage the power of SMS marketing 
Make set templates to provide quick support to your clients
Add a personal touch to your messages but stay formal in tone
To start with, use of ready templates for text marketing
Be informative yet concise in your messages 

Travel Agency text message templates

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Laws for sending travel agency text messages

When texting your prospective or loyal customers, you have to follow specific rules and guidelines to stay compliant to the laws of SMS marketing and never get flagged. 

Your business should always follow a standardized way of communication. Learn more about SMS marketing to create text message campaigns for all your delivery customers.

More about SMS marketing

Here is what you need to include in your texts to stay compliant

  • Stay informative yet to the point messages when messaging your customers

  • Let travelers know that their information is safe with you at all times

  • Do not flood the client’s inbox with unnecessary texts and give them an option to opt out

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