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What is group texting?

Group texting for business is a communication tool that allows businesses to send text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

An example would be managers sending updates and announcements to their whole department at once.

However, you can't achieve this using your native texting app. You need a group texting app to maximize the benefits of business group messaging.

Texting Base allows you to modify your messages with respect to the audience you are reaching out to.

how group texting works

With our group texting app, sending messages to your customers and prospects just got simpler. Follow the next steps to set up yours.



Write Your Text Message

Click on “Create Message” and start filling your template with text or visuals if you're sending an MMS.



Pick your audience

Navigate through all your contacts and choose the group you want to send your message to. 



Send your message

After you are ready with your template and your audience, simply click on send and let your words do their magic. 

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Group messaging benefits

The benefits of group text messaging for any business are numerous. It allows you to closely monitor your communication with your audience and also provide them with a smooth experience and personalized text messages. 

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Effective Communication

With a 98% open rate, it is assured that 9 out of 10 clients will read your message.

Quicker Interactions

As 60% of messages are read in 5 minutes, the response time of your messages is also short. 

A Hassle-Free Experience

Easy to set up and send, text messages are not only easy on your customers, but you too.

group texting by the numbers

As a personalized, two way method of communication, text messages are an inexpensive yet effective mode of always staying in touch with your customers and prospects.

With a boasting 98% open rate, text messages keep audiences engaged through reminders, notifications, updates and alerts. You can send these promotional or notifying messages to targeted audiences so as to not flood the inbox of those who do not need it.



By 2021, 3.8 billion people owned smartphones.



75% of people want to receive offers via texts.



60% of customers read texts within 5 minutes of receiving them.

industries using group texts

Harness the power of group text messages accurately for your industry. Modify your messages in accordance with what you would like to communicate to your audience. 



With Texting Base’s group texting service send your clients shop and promotional texts and also new arrival sms’ to keep them updated about your retail stores, and do this all, in just a click!

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Streamline communications with your players, coaches, parents of athletes and staff by adopting Texting Base’s group texting service that helps you run campaigns, manage replies and much more!

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Never let new diners miss out on what’s new, build loyalty and long-term relationships with active customers, by sending all of them messages and updates in a go.

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Real Estate

Update multiple potential homeowners about the recent houses on the market by shooting attractive group text messages via Texting Base to guarantee high footfall to open houses.

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Build and maintain trusting and open relationships with members of your church by communicating with them through texts and add a personal touch. Send these messages to multiple members at the same time through group texting.

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How Texting Base simplifies group texting

Texting Base makes it simpler for businesses to interact with their customers and also their employees. 

Schedule your group text messages so as to always reach people at the right time. Without the hassle of sending a message to each contact individually, form groups of contacts so that you’re always talking to the right people. 

  • Sign up for Texting Base

  • Set your message template

  • Add the necessary media or links

  • Choose your desired audience 

  • Send your group text message

  • Manage replies and analyze campaign results

The group texting process


Invite contacts to opt-in to your texting list.

The first step to sending a group text message is identifying who you want to send it to and then build your base. For that, using the keyword and shortcode way, ask your customers or prospects to opt in to receive the same 


Send them a confirmation.

Once you have built your base, inform everybody, who opted in to receiving texts from you, that their subscription to your texts has started. This way, they know what to be on the lookout for. 


Educate them on what they should expect to receive from you via messages.

Before sending texts, educate your audience on the purpose of your texts, type, frequency and maybe the cost of the texts that they will receive from you. 


Let them know how they can opt-out of receiving texts from you, may the need arise.

In case your audience wants to stop receiving updates from you, inform them on how to opt out of receiving texts from you. This helps build trust in you and lets your audience know that you respect their space. 


Segment your contacts list

The smallest community to the largest customer base, text messaging is only advantageous when your texts reach the right people. With texting Base you can easily segment your audience, customers or prospects into different groups. Not only effective, segmenting groups makes it much easier to monitor response rates to campaigns. 

For example, if you want to follow up with customers that have not been around your retail store for quite some time and would like to inform them of the latest developments at the store, you can make a group just for them.

Similarly, if you’d like to convey a message to the accounts team at your gym, you can make a group of them and reach out to them collectively, avoid confusion and have a smooth conversion. 

Collecting group message subscribers

The easiest way to increase engagement or collect subscribers via your messages, is using keywords and short codes. 

A keyword is what the crux of your message would be and a short code is what the client would use to reach out to you. For example, in “Message ‘TRAVEL’ to 353535 to view your offer code”, ‘TRAVEL’ is your keyword and ‘353535’ your short code. 

When reaching different groups, you have the additional benefit of using different keywords for different audiences keeping in mind what is most relevant to them. 

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Encouraging engagement in group texts

It is essential to encourage your audience - your customers or employees to interact with you and make the conversation a two-sided one. Here are some ways you can do this:

Security Alerts

Inform employees of any sudden security breaches or concerns that they should be aware of. Provide them with updates to keep them posted. 

Appreciation or Lively Updates

Got a celebration planned for the day. Let your employees or customers know what they are in for.


Hey Team,

Just wanted to let you know that our weekly progress meeting has been postponed to 11PM on Friday.

Text ‘YES’ if we’d be seeing you there.



Due to this torrential weather, the store is shut today. Wish you a beautiful day. Stay Safe.

Text ‘STOP’ to end the message.

Get Feedback

Need a vote on what your employees want for their team outing or maybe, what your customers want? Run a survey via texts. 

Meeting Reminders

Remind employees and customers for any upcoming events and meetings. Get confirmation of their attendance and plan accordingly. 

Remote Interactions

Stay in touch with employees and customers who are with you even when they are working remotely or supporting your business remotely.  


Group text messaging laws

When using group text messages for reaching out to your customers, just like text messaging, you need to follow specific rules and guidelines. To not get flagged, your business has to have a standardized way of communication.

Send only that information to your clients that is specific to their liking. Provide them with information about the frequency, type or cost (if any) of your messages and also give them simple, clear instructions to opt out of offer messages when required. Make sure they know that their information is safe with you.

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Frequently asked questions about group texting

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