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Why use SMS marketing for healthcare?

By properly using text message marketing in the healthcare sector, you can connect and engage with your patients and staff conveniently and quickly.

Hospitals, medical and healthcare facilities are already seeing the benefits of utilizing SMS marketing. It provides a credible and fast source to reach out to your patients no matter where they are to send a reminder, updates, or simply to inform them about your upcoming promotions.


SMS for healthcare marketing statistics

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Advantages of Text marketing for healthcare

By harnessing the power of text messaging for medical offices, you can give a competitive edge to your business. You don't need online connectivity and even send messages to remote areas.

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  • It’s possible to reach out to your potential patients and develop your brand.

  • Send SMS to facilitate your clients to book appointments.

  • You can easily send reminders regarding appointments.

  • Send different alerts such as payment of fees or bills, membership expiry, etc.

  • Send feedback questions to your clients to help you identify areas that need improvement.

Different uses of Healthcare SMS With Texting Base

Ask your patients about their health

Share your latest offerings and treatments

Share the latest news and updates related to your healthcare facility

Follow-up of appointment

Request them for a review

Provide pre-care instructions

(855) 397 6679
Hi Amanda,

This is Graham from Downtown Hospital. How are you doing? This is a friendly reminder that you have an appointment scheduled for Monday at 6 pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

(855) 397 6679
Hello Maria,

We’re offering a 30% discount on blood tests only for this week. If your test is due, take it now to get this great discount.

(855) 397 6679
Hello Adam,

We’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a diabetic department at our medical facility. We hope to serve you in a better way using the latest equipment and methods. You can visit us for more details.

(855) 397 6679
Hi Sam, 

Thanks for visiting us today. How was your appointment with Doctor Jane Bradley? Kindly let us know if you face any problems so we can improve and provide a better experience next time.

(855) 397 6679
Hi Stephen,

This is Stane from Winfield Medical Complex. Thank you for allowing us to care for you. We would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a Google review of your experience with our experts using the link above. Thank you!  

(855) 397 6679
Hi Dane, 

Here are some instructions for your upcoming appointment: Please don’t take anything 12 hours before your appointment (water is ok). Try to reach the clinic at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time so we can do the essential paperwork.

What you can include in your healthcare text messages

Creativity is the key to making your SMS healthcare campaign compelling, along with including the information that you want to convey. Your text messages should have everything, including your offering, alert or reminder, dates and timings of your operations, your contact information, besides other things.

This method can help you capture the attention of your existing clients as well as the patients looking for similar healthcare services. With the use of Texting Base, you can also effectively build your list for email marketing campaigns.


How you can start sending healthcare text messages

With Texting Base, it’s super easy and simple to start your SMS marketing healthcare campaign.


Sign-up on the SMS marketing platform

People are highly likely to miss out on your marketing emails in the sea of spam messages in their inbox. Alternatively, they don't get so many text messages. So the chances of seeing your text messages are much higher.


Upload your existing patients List

After selecting Texting Base, you need to upload your existing contacts list in our software to start your powerful text marketing campaign.


Create different templates

Use your creativity to create different phone message templates for medical office, which you can quickly use to fill out the information and send it to your prospects.


Integrate the keyword

The keyword is that word your prospects use to opt-in for your text marketing list. You need to integrate it into your text messaging for medical offices to take a compelling start. The trick is to use an attractive yet short keyword that people can remember easily.


Finalize your message

Create a final message you want to send to your prospects. Review it to prevent any errors. After creating your message, you’re all set to send your SMS text messages.


Send your SMS medical message

Finally, use our service to automate your SMS hospital message and send it to hundreds, even thousands of targeted prospects. 

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Explore some of our Text Message Templates for Healthcare offices

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Some rules of SMS marketing for healthcare

You need to follow text laws and only send SMS health to those who give their consent to receive them. Otherwise, you may face legal problems. Learn more about the laws of SMS compliance to create a compliant and safe SMS marketing campaign. 

More about SMS marketing

Things to know when creating SMS healthcare campaign to stay compliant

  • Provide clear instructions regarding opt-out

  • Provide details of how often the clients will receive your messages

  • Clearly state that you won’t be sending any faulty or unreal information 

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