Send marketing messages for restaurants directly to consumers through our restaurant texting service. From a restaurant greeting message to a reservation text message, send information directly to your customers, allowing you to boost your annual revenue instantly. 

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why sms marketing for restaurants?

In the food and beverage industry, you have to capture your audience’s attention quickly before they move on to the next best thing. It’s not uncommon to lose out on potential business as you wait for them to open up promotional emails.

That's why it's time to integrate for your  today. Compared to spam emails, texting has much higher response rates as it's quick and even a preferred form of communication for most consumers today.


Restaurant text marketing statistics

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Benefits of restaurant text messaging

There are countless benefits of text marketing for restaurants and bars. Ultimately, the power of text marketing helps to increase your business potential.

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  • Text messages provide a more personal touch to your marketing efforts.

  • Set an automated SMS with reservation confirmations.

  • Send custom specials based on previous purchases.

  • Give your consumers visibility through texting fun graphics.

  • Launch mass messaging campaigns for new menu offerings from the convenience of your own device.

  • Emails get lost easily in a sea of spam, while 82% of text messages are read within five minutes.

restaurant sms marketing use cases

Ask their opinion about menu offerings

Send promo updates

Follow up with consumers and make sure they received your emails

Send a thank you

Ask if they want to join the mailing list

Ask if they know someone they can refer

Ask if a customer would like the specifications on menu items

Let customers know you are a text your order restaurant

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Michael,

We’re considering adding a few new drinks to our cocktail menu.

Are there any particular items you’ve been dying to try?

(855) 397 6679
TGIF, Lynn!

Here’s the latest on our Friday specials:


Would you like to set up a reservation for tonight?

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Blake!

I sent you an email with our new extended weekend hours.

I just wanted to make sure you received it and answer any questions you have.

(855) 397 6679
Thank you so much for dining with us tonight, George!

We know you have lots of options to choose from, which is why we’re thankful you chose us!

Please be sure to share any feedback with us regarding your experience. We’d love to hear it!

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Linda!

Would you be interested in joining our mailing list to hear about all the latest and greatest offerings we have?

Would that be OK?

Reply YES to opt-in or NO to opt-out.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Jose,

We’re so glad to hear that you were happy with your experience.

If you’d like to bring a friend with you next time, we’d love to offer you a 15% discount on your next meal!

(855) 397 6679
Good morning, Alexandra!

Did you have any questions about any of our menu items?

Might we suggest our favorite, the mozzarella sticks? YUM!

Reply YES for more information.

(855) 397 6679
Hello, Jaxon!

We just wanted to let you know that we just added the feature to text us your to-go order.

Just shoot us a text, and we’ll confirm and let you know how long until your order is ready.

What to include in your  text messages

It’s crucial to be creative with your bar and restaurant text messages and include relevant information. Be one step ahead of your competition by anticipating the needs and wants of your consumers on a more personal level.

As a bonus, you can also use SMS messaging to help capture customer email addresses. Some people may still prefer to receive promotional information via email, so use this method to effectively build your email marketing campaigns.

A vital element of all effective bar and restaurant text messaging is adding in your reservation link so you can get hungry and thirsty diners penciled in as quickly as possible.


How to send marketing messages for restaurants

It’s easy to get started with our restaurant texting service. Here’s how:


Sign up for a text marketing platform

Considering the average consumer receives 121 emails per day, it’s no wonder your email marketing efforts get lost. Thankfully, consumers don't receive as many texts in a day and are more likely to view your text content. Up to 82% of text messages are read within five minutes.


Upload a current list of contacts

You will need to upload your current contacts list once you have your chosen platform and your plan is in place. Then, you can start sending out your targeted messages right away.


Compile text templates

Begin creating text templates that will act as a generic message that you can edit as needed. For example, you can set up a restaurant opening soon message, a restaurant greeting message, or a reservation text message.


Set up a campaign keyword

A campaign keyword is the word or phrase your consumers use to opt-in to your SMS marketing list. You'll need to choose a campaign keyword to get started with your SMS marketing efforts. Keep it short and sweet. You don’t want anything that can easily be misspelled.


Promote your keyword

Once you’ve established your campaign keyword, it’s time to start promoting across any communication channels you currently have set up.


Send bar and restaurant text messages

As you begin building your texting list, it’s time to start sending out your bar and restaurant text messages ASAP.

Our SMS marketing features


Group Texting

Test text messages to groups of customers at once using our group texting service.



Use automated text messages to put your restaurant text message marketing on autopilot.


MMS Marketing

MMS marketing allows you to send pictures of new menu items, videos and other media to customers.


Two-Way SMS

Respond to directly to customers who engage with your text messages.


Text Keywords

Customers can text a custom keyword to get special offers, book a table and more.


Scheduled SMS

Write messages ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at a convenient time.

Helpful resources for bar & restaurant texting:

SMS marketing guide
Use creative campaigns to inspire others
Create professional text messages to inspire your SMS campaign
Write a great reservation confirmation text
Understand SMS compliance
Know the best time to send marketing text messages
Create reservation reminder text message templates
Grow your SMS subscriber list

SMS templates for restaurants


SMS marketing compliance for restaurants

There are countless benefits of marketing messages for restaurants and bars, but you must remember to abide by texting laws. Only message people who have provided their consent for your text messaging services. Otherwise, you may face legal issues.

More about SMS marketing

Here is what you need to include to text restaurant or bar information while staying compliant:

  • State that you'll never send non-restaurant or bar-related information

  • Make sure consumers know it is a secure text

  • Provide them with clear instructions for opting out

  • Explain how often they will receive messages

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