Mass texting empower colleges and universities to enhance their outreach, ensuring faculty and students stay seamlessly connected on their most frequently used device: mobile phones. Our texting software for universities gives you all the features you need to streamline communication.

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Effortlessly Connect with Every Student

Texting Base provides an intuitive mass texting solution designed specifically for colleges and universities. With our suite of SMS tools, we bridge the communication gap between faculty and students. From group texting to automated text messages, you have everything you need to streamline communication within your university.

Why mass texting for higher ed?

A good and consistent communication channel between your college/university and your students is necessary to streamline workflow. Students are always available on their phones and with a 98% of open rates, most of them are responsive to SMS Messaging

Texting prospective students or texting college students requires effort and takes time. Using SMS messages, or even MMS Messages, for the same automates your process, guarantees results and smoothens functioning.


University sms by the numbers

  • 98% of all text messages are open and read.

  • 93% of the population aged between 18 to 24 years have constant access to their smartphones.

  • 86% students admit that text messages remind them to complete their tasks.

  • 77% students would like to receive informational texts from their colleges or universities.

Benefits of mass texting for colleges and universities

Mass text messaging for schools, colleges and universities is sought after because of its efficiency. Notifying students and applicants is much quicker and smoother with texts.

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  • SMS message marketing for universities and colleges is reliable and a sure shot way of reaching the targeted demographic.

  • Increase your outreach and grow enrollment quickly and easily using the SMS or MMS route.

  • Send updates and reminders to students about their tasks and upcoming college activities on time.

  • Automate your notifications and texts for quicker operations.

  • Use congratulations or good luck messages for college and university students by adding a personal touch and letting them know you care.

  • Become equipped to always be available to your students, applicants and their guardians.

other use cases

Send notifications to students about their tasks and completions. 

Provide support to students, applicants and their parents or guardians anytime.

Be accessible to your students to help with their problems and resolve their queries.

Follow up with freshers to make sure they are settled in and comfortable. 

Inform students of important dates and holidays. 

Send messages to students about their day’s schedule.

Help your students navigate through college or university and provide a bullying hotline for safety concerns.

Make it easy for students or applicants to know their results and constantly update them of the same. 

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Good Morning Wendy,

Hope you are all prepped for the upcoming examinations. This message is just a reminder to please submit your 3D Design project latest by [Enter date and time] to avoid a penalty.

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Hello Mr. Smith,

Glad to know you are interested in our [Enter course name] for your kid. You can call us anytime between [Enter time] or visit the following link to gain more information.

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Hi Gregory,

We received your request to change your course from [Name current course/major] to [Wanted course/major]. To initiate the transition we will require the college counselor to talk with you first. Please let us know of your availability.

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Hello Alex,

Just checking in to see how your first month in [Enter college name] has been. If you are facing any issues, please refer to the link below and reach out to the concerned authority anytime to help with your issue. 

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Hey Celina,

Did you hear? The holiday list is out! Click on the following link to view the same and start planning your break now.

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679

In lieu of the heavy rain, all classes for today have been cancelled. Stay safe, stay home and enjoy the day.

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Good Evening Raven,

Although, we at [Insert college or university] have a no tolerance policy about bullying but in case you find yourself in any such trouble, please reach out to us immediately on the following [Insert number].

mobile phone
(855) 397 6679
Hello Katherine,

This message is to inform you that your results for [Insert Information] will be out on the [Enter date and time]. Please visit the following link to check the same. You can log into the portal using your college ID number.

What to include in your college and university text messages

Finding the sweet spot between professionalism and being personal is essential for business marketing themselves. As a university or college you have to be considerate of the time you use with your students and applicants but also sound like the authority you are. Being crisp, concise and creative is often the key. 

When talking to students you have to be to the point yet informative and amicable. Be it letting them know about upcoming events, results and holidays or helping them navigate through college by providing them with the support they need, with text marketing you can always be on time and approachable. 


how to use mass texting for higher education

To make the best of the Texting Base SMS marketing tool you first have to follow these simple steps to get started:


Sign up for Texting Base

Sign up for Texting Base for free for 14 days. After that, you can choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Migrate your current contact list

Don’t lose the progress you have already made. Texting Base makes it simple to upload your existing contact list so you can keep building your text marketing strategy without having to start from scratch.


Build your college and university text message scripts

Save time in the future by spending some time working on your college text templates now. You can always customize any text you send, but having templates for common interactions saves you hours of work every week.


Choose your campaign keyword

Your campaign keyword is the phrase or single word that your prospects can use to opt into your contact list via text message. For your college, this word could be the name of your business or even something catchy, such as “COLLEGE TEXT.”


Get the word out

Once you have chosen your campaign keyword, it’s time to let prospects know they can opt into your SMS contact list and get helpful information. You can get the word out by sending out a mass email, adding the campaign keyword to your website, posting the keyword on your social media platforms and simply telling everyone you meet.


Start sending college and university text messages

As your customer base grows, you need to make sure you can make them all know that you are always there to assist them. Texting Base makes that part easy. Automate replies and texts about college information and more with our texting platform.

Our SMS marketing features


Group Texting

Send text messages to groups of students and contacts simultaneously with our group texting service.



Use automated text messages quickly respond to routine questions from students, faculty and parents.



MMS messaging lets you attach images, videos, files and other media to make your messages stand out.


Two-Way SMS

Respond directly to students and contacts who engage with your messages. Great for streamlining support.


Text Keywords

Create a custom keyword to join a group, get quick information and more.


Scheduled SMS

Write messages ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at a time of your choosing.

Helpful resources for college and university :

SMS Marketing Guide 
Always know the laws of SMS marketing 
Use creative SMS campaigns to inspire your students and add a personal touch
Make set templates for your student helpline team to use
Leverage the power of SMS and MMS marketing 
Always be formal and concise yet friendly and informative
To start with SMS marketing make use of ready templates 
Know the Do’s and Don'ts of growing outreach using texts 

College and university text messaging templates 


Laws for sending texts as a university

When interacting with students and applicants using SMS messages to notify them of updates and happenings of the college or university, it is best to follow specific rules and guidelines. 

To not get flagged, your business should have standardized communication. Learn more about SMS marketing to create text message campaigns for all your delivery customers.

More about SMS marketing

Here is what you need to include in your texts to stay compliant

  • Use the names of students or applicants to add a personal touch to your texts

  • Limit to small and clear texts to address the issue and to avoid miscommunication and confusion

  • Avoid flooding the recipient’s inbox 

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