With Texting Base, you get an online phone number that sends and receives text messages. Automate, schedule and manage messages from computers or mobile devices to streamline your marketing activities and drive more engagement with your customers.

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What is an online phone number?

Online phone numbers allow you to send messages conveniently through your computers without the hassle of managing a large database and running huge text campaigns on smaller screens. 

Once you make your Texting Base account, you get assigned a virtual phone number or a toll free number. This is the number you can use to send and receive text messages from your customers.

If you do not like the online phone number assigned to you, you always have the option to buy another number or choose a long code phone number. Whatever number you choose is linked to your Texting Base account.


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  • Provide beautiful customer service and experience 
  • Automate and schedule reminders and updates
  • Schedule, confirm or cancel appointments and meetings
  • Run sales and promotional campaigns
  • Send real time delivery tracking notifications

How do online phone numbers work?

An online phone number is different as it is not linked to any physical device. You can use it to receive and make calls on computers, phones and various other devices for increased efficiency.

Online phone numbers with Texting Base

Texting Base offers streamlined online phone numbers to help boost your business's productivity.

You can run promotional campaigns, run campaigns to increase engagement, improve customer service. What's more, you can receive and manage responses from your campaigns.

Online phone numbers for text marketing are an amazing way to assess and analyze what your customers want. All you have to do is ready your text template, build your recipient database and start running your campaigns. 


Uses for Online Phone Numbers

The key to good online marketing is good communication. Simple, effective and fast, virtual or online texting offers a huge number of use cases. 

  • Sign up with Texting Base to get your online phone number
  • Build the database of all your contacts or subscribers
  • When you receive a text on your online number, it pops up on you Texting Base dashboards
  • Send individual messages or run campaigns for large groups
  • Manage all the texts you send or receive 
  • Schedule campaigns to always reach your customers on time
  • Automate replies, notifications or reminders for your audience 
  • Analyze the performance of your campaigns or the replies you receive

Benefits of having an online phone number

Without limiting you to a location, online phone numbers from Texting Base allow you to run campaigns from virtually anywhere.

  • Send long text messages with a 300 characters limit
  • Attach images, videos and PDFs, of 1,500 characters, to your texts
  • Receive around the clock support from the Texting Base customer support team
  • Run campaigns and build your subscription base and your business’s audience
  • Create an interactive channel with your prospects and customers
  • With a 98% of open rates for texts, be assured that your texts will always reach your target audience

Industries that can utilize online phone texting

Businesses across the globe and in different industries can make use of online phone numbers. Indeed they would all have different use cases but they all can reap the benefits and vamp up text message marketing in their own way.

  • Hotels - Send booking confirmations, cancellation assistance and provide reservation assistance
  • Travel Agency - Provide travel or booking confirmations and assistance
  • Colleges and Universities - Reach out to applicants to increase engagement and send reminders and notifications to students
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers - Stay in touch with members, run fitness ad campaigns and increase sales
  • Retail Stores - Increase sales, strengthen loyalty, promote awareness and provide seamless service through texts
  • Dentists - Send dental quotes, reminders and updates to clients directly
  • Community Management - Be in touch with your community, send updates, reminders and notifications of latest happenings
  • Finance - SMS finance or accounting information to your customers to improve your client communication

Start virtual texting with Texting Base today

Virtual texting is a very personalized way of interacting with your clients. It allows you to be in touch with them anytime and anywhere. With Texting Base you can execute your text marketing strategy with great success. These messages are not only for your customers, they can be used to manage your staff and employees efficiently. 

On the Texting Base platform, you are given an online phone number as soon as you sign up. From there, you can set a text template as per your liking and keep customizing them as necessary. You can also keep analyzing the performance of your texts and manage responses from clients.

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