Using SMS marketing for ecommerce is an excellent and cost-effective way to spread the word about your online products and services. Texting Base provides comprehensive ecommerce SMS marketing features for brands looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Use SMS Marketing for Ecommerce?

The world of eCommerce business and online shopping is ever-changing and surviving in this cut-throat competition requires constant communication with clients and customers. Not everyone has the time to cater to long phone calls, which is why an ecommerce SMS solution can help you get the right results.

Getting assistance from the right SMS marketing company can help you expand your sales and unlock new opportunities for future business ventures.


Some useful statistics about SMS and The eCommerce industry

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Benefits of Ecommerce SMS

Using automated messaging for business is the easiest way of connecting with customers new and old. It also allows eCommerce owners to showcase their products easily through a simple business SMS.

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  • Our ecommerce SMS marketing platform allows you to add exciting new offers for your eCommerce site and inform people about them beforehand.

  • Connect with potential customers and ask them to visit your eCommerce site with business messages.

  • Send new promotions and offer eCommerce advertisement SMS in real-time through effective text messaging service.

  • Offer customers exclusive, seasonal discounts through business texting.

  • Reward your loyal customers through gift cards and exclusive offers.

  • As customers for service feedbacks requests with easy business messages and templates.

  • Update customers about changes in offers, pricing, new changes, site updates, etc.

  • Improve client-customer communication to deliver customers what they need for higher customer retention.

  • Allow loyal customers to shop for discounted prices on specific event days with business messaging for your eCommerce site.

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Different uses for ecommerce sms marketing

Ask customers to sign up on your eCommerce site

Send eCommerce adverts with business texting

Send welcome texts to new customers

Send MMS reports and updates for timing changes right away

Send emergency alerts to customers for order cancellations or out-of-stock status

Send reminders about the upcoming events

Add relocating updates

(855) 397 6679
Hi Trevor,

Thank you for signing in to, please check our new apparel collection online! If you want us to stop, reply with 'un-sub.'

(855) 397 6679
Happy Friday, Olivia! will be introducing the latest shoe collection followed by groceries, stay tuned. Reply with 'Y' if you are interested, so we can count you in, or Text STOP to end

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Teresa!

Welcome to where you get quality and convenience under one roof. Feel free to browse through hundreds of discounted products today!

eCommerce messaging
(855) 397 6679
Dear customer,

We are afraid that we will be making some changes to our working hours. You can still contact our support team during the contact house listed below.

(855) 397 6679
ALERT: is offline for maintenance purposes, so we can improve your online experience. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(855) 397 6679
Hi, Alden.

Get the latest products on New Year’s Eve for up to 40% off with today. Visit our site for more details.

(855) 397 6679
Good morning, David! is rebranding itself with new trusted partners, you can find our new e-commerce site link below: (Insert link).

What to include in your Ecommerce SMS marketing strategy

Know that you need to excite people if you want them to visit your eCommerce site. We suggest sending out SMS only when you are ready to offer something big. A bulk deal or at least a 20% to 30% discount is what will make your customers run to you, so ensure adding these things to your business SMS.

Ensure adding detailed instructions about the order process, order time, and other crucial information on your site. It will help your customers reach your eCommerce site with a short business SMS. We also suggest you add a reliable text messaging service for business on your eCommerce site.


How you can start sending Ecommerce Texts with Texting Base

Creating a business texting and MMS marketing campaign requires taking care of some basic things in your business SMS. Try to focus on offers and discounts the most and people will access your sites today. Here is how you can take Texting Base’s assistance for a text messaging service for business.


Sign up for Texting Base

Texting Base offers a 14-day trial period for free, after which you can choose the ideal package for your eCommerce website.


Add your contact list online

Add customer, client, and other necessary contacts on the Texting Base site and let us target them.


Select creative templates

Texting Base has several creative templates that you can choose and edit for tailored messages to your customers.


Identify keyword for your campaign

Since we are talking about business texting and marketing SMS, you should know that you will need to choose a short, yet relatable keyword. It will help you stand out from the other eCommerce clients that we have on our site and reel in more customers.


Go through your final message

Get business texting SMS for your site, and ensure to check it once again. This will help you keep your eCommerce SMS messages simple and effective.


Send business texting SMS for your eCommerce site today

Texting Base will help you out with your eCommerce site with our business texting and business SMS services. We are a text messaging service for businesses of all kinds. Contact today.

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Specific Laws and Regulations Govern Your Ecommerce SMS Campaign

Marketing your eCommerce business with business texting needs a marketing guide. The guide has all the important info, but it may get updated over time. Texting Base utilizes the latest AI-driven technology that ensures your messages do not get labeled as spam. 

More about SMS marketing

Things you should include in your ecommerce SMS marketing for compliance 

  • Always provide an option of unsubscribing.

  • Always use a legal opt-in method.

  • Add relevant content to your eCommerce business SMS.

  • Avoid sending unsolicited info and alerts to customers.

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