Text dispatch messaging can help streamline communication with SMS for contractors, managers, customers, and more.

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Why use text for dispatch logistics marketing?

Co-coordinating with customers, clients and stakeholders is not easy considering dispatch logistics requires constant checks, therefore text messaging services for dispatch logistics assist in making things streamlined and easier.

You can send dispatch, SMS transportation, or SMS logistics to the concerned people with Texting Base’s professional services right away.


Some useful statistics about dispatch logistics industry 

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Benefits of dispatch logistics through SMS marketing

Adding automated SMS for your delivery and dispatch service allows you to stay in touch with stakeholders and drivers along with delivery.

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  • Drop SMS and MMS delivery reminders for your drivers and coordinate with them, remind delivery dates, etc.

  • Connect with potential customers and update with the dispatch logistics expected delivery.

  • You can inform the driver about new promotions and offer extra deliveries and faster dispatches.

  • Ensure adding more info on Dispatch logistics when you send dispatch in your SMS logistics template.

  • Communicate with the stakeholders and the drivers about their challenges when you send dispatch.

  • Inform drivers about dispatch logistics timing changes or other changes.

  • Communicate better with drivers and update the expected through SMS delivery features in your service.

  • Keep an eye on stock management and request replenishments when needed through simple SMS logistics

Different uses of sending dispatch logistics on text

Ask customers to Sign up on your dispatch logistics site

Send adverts with dispatch logistics 

Send welcome texts to new customers

Send MMS Reports and updates for dispatch logistics deliveries right away

Send emergency Alerts to customers for cancellations or out-of-stock status

Send reminders about the upcoming events

Add relocation information

Send discount info of sports events 

(855) 397 6679
Hi Diane!

We appreciate your joining ABC Logistics; we will guide you about your dispatch through our SMS dispatch feature today.

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Hi Kevin!

ABC Logistics has a 20% off on delivery costs for a limited time. Find more details (insert link)

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Hi, Teresa!

Welcome to our dispatch and logistics services, place your first order and get SMS transportation updates in real-time.

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Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that ABC Logistics has an update on the policy to send dispatch, please find the details here (insert link).

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ABC Logistics will be unavailable on account of winter break, please re-join us in 2022. Thank you.

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Hi, Alden.

The year is about to end and ABC Logistics is determined to send dispatch on time this Christmas season, Check updates on your orders here (insert link).

(855) 397 6679
Hi Jane,

ABC Logistics will now be operating from a different location. Please find the updated contact and location information listed below (add info)

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Hello, Alexis!

ABC Logistics is offering 25% off to send a dispatch to your hometown this holiday season. Place your order today.

What to include in your dispatch logistics SMS text campaign?

Managing dispatch logistics SMS requires constant vigilance and repeated checks on sending dispatch. However, Texting Base’s professional process allows dropping reminders and delivery updates from/to drivers and stakeholders for robust solutions. 

Make sure that you add the dispatch details on each text separately and a link to it to avoid confusion. This makes it easy when you want to send dispatch or SMS transportation for real-time updates. 


How you can start sending SMS for dispatch logistics with Texting Base

Sending Dispatch logistics through the MMS campaign is easy as all you need is a template text and a photo that you prefer adding for sending dispatch. Texting Base will ensure that your stakeholders and drivers stay up to date.


Sign up with Texting Base

Enjoy a 14-day free trial period with Texting Base’s SMS transportation and SMS logistics services. Choose a suitable subscription package for yourself later on.


Add your contact list online

Add your top customers, stakeholders, drivers, and requirements in the contact list details, and Texting Base will drop SMS accordingly.


Select informative and readable templates

Utilize SMS Dispatch and SMS transport templates to come up with something informative and easy to understand for related individuals.


Identify keyword for your campaign

Make sure you add a marketing MMS because the dispatch logistics is huge and this little step will help your SMS transportation or SMS dispatch stay on top.


Go through your final message

Always check your dispatch logistics SMS before you finalize your SMS messages for the drivers, dispatchers, stakeholders, or suppliers.


Send dispatch logistics SMS for your customers today

Texting Base provides supports for dispatch logistics, SMS transportation, and SMS logistics when you wish to send dispatch.

Best resources for dispatch logistics marketing campaigns 

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SMS message dispatch logistics templates 


Specific laws and regulations govern your dispatch logistics with an SMS campaign

Sending dispatch logistics SMS and MMS needs a marketing guide with the right language, details, and context. Texting Base is your best option to hand over the Dispatch Logistics tasks.

More about SMS marketing

Things you should include in your SMS dispatch logistics marketing for compliance 

  • Always provide your stakeholders with the option of unsubscribing.

  • Always correct opt-in method to reach drivers.

  • Add essential info about your dispatch and logistics order with a dedicated link.

  • Avoid sharing unsolicited info and alerts to stakeholders, suppliers, and replenishment teams.

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