Sending long text messages is an excellent way to reach customers directly, drive engagement and give your business an audience. With Texting Base you can send messages of varying lengths and higher character limits.

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How long are normal SMS messages?

Most text messaging services have a limit of 160 characters. One can send a message within that limit, but that can make the message a little confusing. You can find yourself in a difficult situation while structuring their text into a greeting, the crux of the message and the necessary call to action. To run an effective SMS marketing campaign, you need to phrase words properly.


Good Morning Owen, 

Check out the latest house on the market.


Want to schedule a viewing?

Sending long text messages with Texting Base

With Texting Base, you can say the right words in the perfect manner with our long text messages feature. Doing this is simple. 

Once you have made your Texting Base account, login into the dashboard. Compose your message and then select the recipient or list of recipients from your database. Finally, hit send and we'll send your message if it's within our high character limit.

How long are long text messages?

Need to send long text messages? Texting Base allows you to send texts up to 300 characters, surpassing the standard 160 character limit. For even more impact, attach media like images, videos, or PDFs, with an impressive capacity of 1,500 characters.

With Texting Base you can also send links and unicode symbols, that can alone take up to 70 characters. Doing this in the standard 160 characters can be a task and might restrict creativity. Additionally, when a short text message exceeds the character limit, the message goes as multiple messages. 

Long text messages give you an upper hand over competition as they relieve you of the pressure of having to phrase your message correctly. 


How to send a long text

Sending a long text to customers is easy with Texting Base. All you need to do is select the number or list in your dashboard, draft your message and send! You can also schedule your messages for later.

Start Sending Longer Messages

To implement a successful text marketing strategy you need to use a combination of both short and long texts. Texting Base gives you texting options that can cater to your SMS marketing strategy. You can make your message more appealing by adding media, increase engagement by adding links and diversifying your messaging strategy according to the likes of your audience. 

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